Jonas the vampire is trapped in the Sunrise Cafe in Sunny Junction, Alaska north of the Arctic Circle. If he hopes to survive the summer and see the sun set, he'll have to blend in—which means avoiding arousing suspicion and serving up cup after cup of coffee!

  • Who: Jonas
  • What: A vampire
  • Where: Sunrise Cafe, Sunny Junction, Alaska
  • When: Summer
  • Why: To survive until the sun sets
  • How: By brewing and serving coffee!

Made with  and PICO-8 for #CoffeeJam.

Serve coffee and avoid suspicion.

Move with the arrow keys and press Z to interact with customers and coffee brewing supplies. You'll have to find out each customer's coffee preference, select a roast type and gather it from the coffee bean,  grind the beans, brew them, and serve to thirsty customers.

Rapidly press Z to the different stations to gather beans, grind beans, and brew coffee!  Your current coffee inventory appears in the upper right of the screen. If you  screw up a brew, trash it at the trash can. 

Deliver the coffee to the customers. Take too long and they will grow suspicious (because you are a vampire).

Beware of holes in the ceiling!

The Sunrise Cafe is falling apart. Avoid sun beams shining onto the cafe floor. It will arouse customer suspicion and burn (because you are a vampire)!

Can you survive 15 days of summer in the Sunrise Cafe? Will the customers discover Jonas' secret identity as a vampire and lord of the night? How many coffees can you serve up? Find out this and much more in Do Vampires Dream of Coffee Machines!

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